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Education is a journey of discovery and growth, and we take the best from CBSE. The School is CBSE authorised school and a candidate school for Educare programme.
Our curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects, facilitating not just knowledge, but also the development of concepts, ideas and skills.
Sri Satya Sai Vidya Vihar  believes that learning is a dynamic process where each student learns differently. We provide developmentally appropriate practices by teaching in ways that match the way students develop and learn. It provides daily experiences to students to discover that they are competent and capable learners.
Language comprehension, focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are fundamental to all subjects. Cognitive development, intellectual development, interpretation and thinking skills are more complex secondary skills that follow. The overall personal social and emotional development of the student is constantly monitored to ensure a strong foundation for the adult years. The entire learning of each student is divided into four phases, with each phase, requiring its own focus area and hence its own philosophy.
A regular feedback to parents regarding homework and involvement and progress of students, keeps parents well-informed and ensures a closely monitored development programme for their children. This also helps the school in initiating remedial measures, as and when required. A regular and productive communication between parents and teachers is encouraged in both the informal and formal spheres. Parent - Teacher meetings are held at a regular intervals.